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Discover information about each of the 10 Cree communites in Eeyou Istchee, including where specific traplines are located as well as the different types of geology of each region. Also see whta we have been up to in our current and previous activity reports

Forms & contests

Rock Competition

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Providing Opportunity

in Eeyou Istchee

The Cree Mineral Exploration Board works very closely with the Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) to develop training and job assistance initiatives for the benefit of the Cree.

Prospector 1

Jonas Sheshamush

Jonas spends most of the year on his traplines

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Prospector 2

William Fireman

A Tallyman also trained by CMEB

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Prospector 3

Henry Salt

A Cree icon in the domain of mining

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Prospector 4

Gordon Blackned

A great friend and lover of the land

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Prospector 5

Alfred Gilpin

A great prospector and a team player

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Prospector 6

Frederick Whiskeychan

Trained by CMEB, Freddy is a smart and educated prospector

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