Projects & Process Companies

Nimsken Corporation Inc

President: madam Louise Wapachee

Coordinates: Oudje-Bougoumou
Phone: (418) 745-3911

Junior exploration company founded in 2003 by the Cree Nation Ouje Bougoumou. Its activities focus on exploration of new properties with high potential of mineral in view of possible commercial exploitation.


Native Exploration Services

President: Sam Bosum

Coordinates: Ouje-Bougoumou
Phone: (418) 745-2632

A mineral exploration company Ouje-Bougoumou that is focused on mining and exploration services. These services consist of line cutting, staking, mineral exploration, geological and geophysical surveys and use of explosives. Native Exploration Services is characterized by its special competence in geophysical surveys. Native Exploration does also training in the field of basic mineral exploration services.


Wemindji Exploration (WEMEX)

President: Geraldine Mark and directed by Mary Carmen Vera

Coordinate: Wemindji
Phone: (819) 978-0264

Founded in 1998, the main objective Wemindji Exploration (WEMEX) is to develop the mineral potential of the region Wemindji and create a skilled workforce in mining exploration on the east coast of James Bay (Quebec).


JA MacLeod Exploration & ENVIROCREE Ltd. - Environmental Services

President: Mr. Jimmy Macleod

Coordinates: Mistissini
Phone: (418) 923-3310

It is a junior mining exploration company which operates essentially in the mining and the environment services. These consist of vocational training and job placement services and basic mineral exploration.


New Projects

The Cree Mineral Exploration Board has received several proposals from Cree and non-Cree companies for the new fiscal year 2004-05. Each year, the following Cree companies, Nimsken, Cree Gold, and Wemex submit requests for funding new projects in Eeyou Istchee.

In accordance with our mandate, the CMEB will evaluate any and all project proposals that meet our funding guidelines. In 2005, the CMEB also received proposals from several non-Cree companies, including Arianne Resources Inc., Appalache Resources Inc., and Sirios Resources Inc. All these companies are seeking Joint Ventures, selling shares or investments. They are also planning to hire Cree employees and contract Cree services companies.

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