No Fly Zone Map

Tally Person Map

This is the latest version of our map of current Tallyman/woman locations.

Tally Person Map

No Fly Zone Map

No Fly Zone Map

This is the latest version of the no-fly zone map for the 2017 Goose Break.  Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.  We wish you all the best and great summer. Be sure to download this important document for Goose Break.


Cree Trapper


The Mission of the Cree Mineral Exploration Board (CMEB) is:

  1. Assist the Crees in accessing mineral exploration opportunities.
  2. Facilitate the development of mineral exploration activities by Cree enterprises.
  3. Facilitate and encourage the access by the Crees and Cree enterprises (WEMEX, NIMESKEN and CREE GOLD) to regular Québec program funding and other encouragements for mineral exploration activities.
  4. Act as an entry mechanism for offers of services by Crees and Cree enterprises in the field of mineral exploration.


The CMEB is in charge of the following 5 programs dedicated to the Cree people:

  1. Awareness and Promotion
  2. Training and Job Assistance
  3. Prospector's assistance
  4. Project Developments and Entrepreneur's Assistance
  5. Geoscience Expertise and Technical Assistance



Jim wins Skookum Award

Jim Macleod, President, J.A.Macleod Exploration Services and EnviroCree

Jim MacLeod is the winner of this year’s Skookum Jim Award for Aboriginal achievement in the mineral industry. Jim is receiving the award for his strong leadership on the environmental impact of the mining sector and his work advocating for more education and training programs for Aboriginal youth within the industry. He is a pioneer in mineral exploration and environmental impact and from the beginning recognized the link between mining and environment, and the importance of managing the relationship. Founder of the Mistissini Geological Resources Centre, Jim has worked closely with Aboriginal communities as a consultant on projects and training in mining exploration. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Cree Mineral Exploration Board, and Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association.



Awards for Graduate Students

Awards for Graduate Students

By offering merit-based awards for academic achievement, the President, directors and staff of the Cree Mineral Exploration Board (the CMEB) wish to challenge and encourage the students in the Cree School Board (the CSB) high schools to excel in the sciences and mathematics.

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