Lac Assinica Project

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Tallyperson Traplines Map

This team of two experienced prospectors knows exactly what its prospecting objectives are. They found their property searching for mineralization in the field. The claimed prospected area is located around 200 km north of Mistissini and 50 km west of the Troilus Mine. The Chief Geologist has personally visited the property. They project to do basic prospecting work, with a grid, sampling, and some analysis. The area seems interesting for EPG and copper-nickel mineralization. A black-and-white map was included with the project proposal that shows the claims and prospected area.


The area is situated west of the Troilus gold-copper deposit. The latest is situated in the Frotet-Evans greenstone belt, in the Opatica subprovince of the Superior Province. It is a low-grade, high-tonnage deposit comprising several mineralized zones. Regionally, the rocks strike and are disposed in a series of southeastern-directed thrust sheets, which juxtapose linear belts of differing character. The area contains a considerable number of mineralized blocks which were analyzed for metal concentration and show interesting values in platinum and nickel. The outcrops in this area of Frotet-Evans greenstone belt show a suite of rocks of calc-alkaline affinity, in apparent tectonic contact with thoeleiitic lavas to the SE and mafic to ultramafic intrusions to the northwest. Lithological contacts and a strong penetrative foliation both dip steeply towards the northwest with a strong north-northwest-plunging extension lineation on the foliation surface.