Nimsken Corporation Inc

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President: madam Louise Wapachee

Coordinates: Oudje-Bougoumou
Phone: (418) 745-3911

Junior exploration company founded in 2003 by the Cree Nation Ouje Bougoumou. Its activities focus on exploration of new properties with high potential of mineral in view of possible commercial exploitation.

Nimsken highlighted efforts to concentrate its research on mineral resources and specifically basic metals and gold in Northern Quebec. The Company holds interests in several projects in different environments of Eeyou Istchee. The collaboration on projects with SOQEM Michwacho and Cummings has been a total success. Nimsken Corp. has other projects in joint venture with SOQUEM and other companies. Nimsken invests in developing the mineral potential of the ouje-Bougoumou area specifically in 32J and 32G. A total of $ 500 000 was spent on this area. The projects in this latter area are mainly in geophysics.

Nimsken undertakes basic exploration until the final stages of exploration. CMEB and the Cree Nation of Ouje-Bougoumou are major investors’ up to 50% of expenditures. CMEB and Nimsken Corp. invest in this area’s projects because we believe in its potential to justify mining development and job creation. CMEB is proud to collaborate and fund projects of Nimsken.

Nimsken Corporation is one of the most emerging Cree mining companies. It offers different services in the field of mineral exploration. It is a dynamic organization in the mineral resources and the evaluation of mining properties.