Native Exploration Services

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President: Sam Bosum

Coordinates: Ouje-Bougoumou
Phone: (418) 745-2632

A mineral exploration company Ouje-Bougoumou that is focused on mining and exploration services. These services consist of line cutting, staking, mineral exploration, geological and geophysical surveys and use of explosives. Native Exploration Services is characterized by its special competence in geophysical surveys. Native Exploration does also training in the field of basic mineral exploration services.

The company made its reputation on the excellence in the application of geophysical methods in mineral exploration domain.

CMEB is the main provider of funds up to 75% of expenditures. CMEB invests in Native Exploration because we believe in its potential to motivate the development of mining and job creation. CMEB is proud to collaborate and fund projects of Native Exploration.

The strength of this company is the basic prospecting (Grass Root) which is essential to any mineral exploration and all deposits discoveries. This organisation is a direct lever to the development of the mining industry to explore the mineral potential in Eeyou Istchee.