JA MacLeod Exploration & ENVIROCREE Ltd.

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President: Mr. Jimmy Macleod

Coordinates: Mistissini
Phone: (418) 923-3310

It is a junior mining exploration company which operates essentially in the mining and the environment services. These consist of vocational training and job placement services and basic mineral exploration.


JA MacLeod Exploration provides services to mining companies for properties evaluation and for projects funding. The company excels in line cutting, staking, mineral exploration, geological and geophysical surveys and drilling, and finally the local geological mapping. For specific projects JA MacLeod also uses explosives to define the rock aspect and expose the mineralization.

ENVIROCREE Ltd. Environmental Services is concerned by the impact of mining activities and its expertises are focused on environmental impact studies and decontamination.

The company made its reputation through the camps assembly and maintenance. It provides a consultation system for job placement, and respecting the tradition of the elders, JA MacLeod Exploration also provides support to the establishment of beneficial agreement and the rules in Eeyou Istchee concerning fishing rights and hunting and environmental regulation.

The strength of this company is still training that is open to non-Aboriginal too. This training covers all aspects of service to the exploration of mineral resources (cutting lines, GPS, samplings, explosive, environment, etc ....).